AdobeXD Workshop on 20th November 2019

When : from 16:30 to 20:30 (4 hours)

Where : bitgrip Gmbh

Workshop tickets are sold out

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This workshop takes you from designing a fully interactive user flow over user testing and stakeholder review right into developer handoff. We’ll also take a look at animation and voice interface design using XD and discuss collaborative workflows. The workshop covers:
  1. Design and prototype using XD from start to finish
  2. Share prototypes for review and design specs for production
  3. Take a glimpse at animation and voice UI prototyping using XD
  4. How to use XD as a part of your personal workflow and in teams

Note: Attendees must have Adobe XD installed on their laptops and mobile phones.

Workshop Trainer

Hany Rizk

Design Sprints | Innovation | UX & Product Strategy

Hany Rizk is a UX & Product Strategist based in Berlin. He runs No BS , an innovation studio that uses Design Sprints to help companies solve real challenges, design meaningful solutions, and develop solid UX strategies. For over 10 years now, he has designed and led in-house products and services for various Berlin startups, and for large corporations such as Volkswagen. He previously founded a startup called Somuchmore that was acquired by Urban Sports Club. Hany still mentors different startups, and regularly gives talks on UX, Product, and Innovation. You can find him on Twitter and Linkedin.


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